During our first performance we were asked many questions about what is involved in the training of fleas. Many people were concerned about the safety to children in the front rows given that the fleas are so close.

Rob would like you to know that watching the flea circus is perfectly safe. In fact, he is a 4th generation flea wrangler! His father was in fleas, and his father was in fleas. His great grandfather, who started the circus, was simply infested in fleas.

For those who still have concerns, be assured a rope is carefully stretched around the entire front of the circus which has been soaked in an odiferious liquid that fleas absolutely will not cross.

Still others have expressed concern about the treatment of the fleas themselves. Please be assured that unlike some nefarious flea circuses of days past, in this circus, animal cruelty is absolutely not tolerated. Fleas are controlled and trained pleasantly by the use of tuning forks. A properly tuned fork gives a pleasing sensation to a flea while a higher pitch fork is found to be quite irritating!

Given the length of time required to train our tiny performers, and the strict contracts associated with each performer, they will receive only the best of treatment! Including and not limited to Rob's personally feeding the fleas! (Don't ask.)

At the same time, we feel obliged to mention that many of the acts (detailed below) do contain an element of danger, and our fleas over the years have steadfastly refused to work with a net! While this will indeed add to the thrills experienced while watching the circus, we acknowledge that at any time a mishap is possible.

Performance of the flea circus typically runs 26 minutes, though the act can be extended by finicky fleas or by audience enthusiasm for additional flea performance.

The act includes:

Miss Sophie: High wire and flea parade. (Her high heels can often be heard as she moves about the circus.)

Bruno: High dive, and star of the circus. (A legend in his own mind.)

Victor: Flea cannon performer.

Also, the talents of a host of other fleas including 19 understudies. (In case any flea should break a leg.)

Music is provided by a flea at the circus calliope (to be announced daily).

Forthcoming acts will include: A mindreading flea and an escape artist who will attempt no less than the Houdini water escape!

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