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 Everyone knows that fleas are amoung the most industrious insects!
Add a few fleas to your next event, or your next performance and your fortunes will soar!  That's "the way of the flea!"


Click Here! To "jump" to the plans page for a detailed video package on building your own circus.

Click Here! To get one of our amazing past performers for your own !  (These pages are also good for reading/learning about past performing fleas!)

Click Here if you would like to see a custom, ready made circus to begin performing immediately!

Click Here!  If you would like a high quality DVD copy of  "The Race of the Agitators" video. (This video is free with a purchase of a past performer.)

Click Here! Film, video, advertisers and production companies.  Our fleas are ready to perform for your advertising!  After 10 years of training fleas, we currently have a STOCK FOOTAGE reel with almost 100 unique shots of our circus fleas available very reasonably.  We can also train our fleas to perform unique stunts for you in all formats.
No one ever forgets seeing a flea perform a stunt!  So, include a flea in your next ad and they'll NEVER forget you!

If you are an educator, or non profit charitable group, always feel free to drop me a flea mail.  Fleas love to give back!

New Item!
Doug Higley's Giant Flea available here:


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