Where the Secrets of The Fleas Are Revealed!

 For the person who has "everything" (or anyone who enjoys sparking wonder in the minds of others) I have what could be the ultimate desk-top curiosity for you....

You have probably wondered what happens to flea performers after their days of glory in the circus?  Well, with a 28 day life cycle, as you can imagine, new troops must always be trained.
Finding it hard to part with my little charges even after their inevitable demise, I began suspending them, still in their beautiful performing flea collars, in an attractive little plastic trophy case.
Each case contains a label which describes the flea, the act(s) which he performed in the circus, and a little about him as a person.... I mean a flea of course!
Place this wonderful little piece on your desk, and you'll have the ultimate conversation piece, and questions from the curious and young of heart for years!
As you can imagine, this is one of those items in which people simply can't believe what they're seeing!
I'll also include a special lens along with your performing flea so that the very curious (and non believers) can examine your flea close up (a spectacle in itself), and see for themselves the
tiny harness tied around his neck. And, a copy of the flea video from the web page (along with any new footage I have from our T.V. appearances).
These are the same flea troops that have performed with me this year on a National Geographic television special, and the Animal Planet T.V. show, so your friends may well be in the presence of truly famous flea performers! They may even recognize them.  (Hopefully they won't be too star struck.)
It takes me anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour to collar a flea, depending on his personality and just how "savage" he remains before training.  So, this Extreme close up!isn't an item I'll ever mass produce.  Supply will be greatly limited.
 A great deal of time, and a little of my blood, literally, has gone into producing each one for you...
I train only 20 to 60 fleas each month, and "retire" only the most spectacular in this time consuming fashion.

I hope you'll become the first in your office or home to own a real performing flea of the past!

The strangest of curiosities and conversation pieces, flea, magnifyer and DVD for the grand sum of $19.95.

Please click here for pictures, bios and ording info, or write me at admin@noonco.com to find out the status of available fleas.

P.S. Fleas may not be available during winter months when the circus is dark, so please make inquiries as early as possible.

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