Seeing is believing!
I'm really proud of these recents shots!
This performance will be seen later this year throughout Europe on Sky One.
I also made a "
home movie" of the show which will air here in the coming months.

The fleas are ready for their close up Mr. Frenzel!
Yes, that long tube is a LENS the T.V. crew brought!!
And, the amazing Guido of "
Rant" fame in his natural habitat.

An endoscopic shot of a flea, in a collar, ready to kick a ball on a tiny football field.  (And boy did he!!!)

With all the highly magnified shots, few people realize how small a flea is!  This live flea, in a collar poses for a photo on my nail.

Ready to pull a cart, flea Ben-Hur stands on his hind legs!
His legs are finer than a human hair, yet astoundingly he can lift and carry this entire cart!

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