Mechanical construction took place literally in a suit case! (Shown here in bare bones form before painting or modeling.) A working high dive, trapeze, high wire and powerful "flea cannon" were all constructed. A ringed area to the right is sectioned off where a working, flea sized calliope will stand. (The fleas themselves visibly come out and parade around the colliope.)

In addition to the difficulties of minaturization of props, all rigging, masts and posts had to be constructed with hidden hinges so that they could "fold down" allowing the suit case to be closed for travel. At all times, the safety of the fleas had to be taken into account. (You don't want to see a flea in a hinge!)

All aspects of the circus are seen to be animated by the fleas. Each rung of the dive board dips as it is climbed by "Bruno" our star high diving flea, and the dive board itself springs him high into the air. The pool below makes a tremendous audience wetting splash with Bruno's landing. (You don't want to be in the front row when Bruno is on the board.)

The trapeze, high wire, and coliapy, are also fully functional, as well as many other circus standbys.

The audience is assisted in viewing the flea's movements about the circus by occasionally having them carry items such as small feathers, a balancing rod, or a flag. A magnifying lens is provided to a person of the audience of good character for close up inspection and verification of goings on with the fleas.

The mighty cannon is often thought to be the highlight of the act. As a brave flea (Victor) climbs inside the cannon, it is detonated with a powerful BANG and an immense (by flea standards) traveling ball of fire! The flea himself is propelled with such force that he shatters a paper hoop held in the audience and is caught safely in a catcher's mitt by an audience member.

The show lasts a full 26 minutes and is a complete audio visual experience!

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