Aew An Interview with Bobby Reynolds
"The World's Greatest Showman"

Meet Bobby Reynolds!  Possibly the world's greatest Showman, and a world class personality!
At 13 years old Bobby Reynolds was the pitchman for Professor Heckler's famous trained fleas at Hubert's Museum in New York!
Professor Heckler's fleas performed for more than 40 years, and many people who line up early for our show do so because they remember Hubert's!
Now, if you do an act so well that people line up 50 years later to see it again, you must have done something VERY right.
Bobby is a wonderful person, and a legend in not only the world of fleas, but in the world of the circus sideshow.
He sold more than a million dollars worth of just one plastic whistle he pitched!
I recently met Bobby (now 74) at his beautiful home in Fresno and he chatted with me on camera about his circus and
flea days.
Bobby now lives with his beautiful 10th wife (he's been married or remarried 13 times though says he has lost count) and his 9th wife is still best friends and lives nearby.
Many of his side show artifacts inhabit his garage, including every book P.T. Barnum ever wrote.
He still remembers every line from the 1950's flea circus presentation he did, as well as all the personalities from Huberts.  And he did impressions of many on camera.  (Coming soon!)

I'm currently editing the interview, both for a documentary on fleas I'm working on, AND to add to this page in the future for your enjoyment!
In the mean time, in searching the web, I found a wonderful little video about Bobby Done by Craig Kohlruss if you'd like to learn more.

Click Here for that video....

Check back in the future for the recent flea interview I shot, and more on Bobby Reynolds!

Thanks to Chuck and Bambi Burns for introducing us!

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